hold on… here we go!

Welcome, welcome welcome. You’re more than welcome. I’m so excited. I have been working on my webpage for so many months and now we’re public. I hope you gonna like my blog posts and get to know me better.


I will write all about farm weddings. I will give you important tips to get the perfect feeling of how you can get different types of farm weddings. Lets go.


I Gotcha Covered when it comes to farm weedings!

You will follow my own wedding planning. I promise you that I will post a lot of pics to give you the right feeling of how a farm wedding will be like. I will give you a lot of energy and advice that you really want.

love farmlife

blog no 1

I hope you like farmlife as much as I do. Right now I live in a small apartment in central Lund, south Sweden, with my fiance. It is three small rooms. The kitchen, living room and bedroom. But who knows, maybe we will find our dream farmhouse anytime.

 I will help the wedding couples get the best farm wedding ever.

With this website goes public, my own business as a farm style wedding planner and photographer starts. And maybe more in the future. I hope you will enjoy my journey as much as I will.

love farmlife

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